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Material: 100% Merino wool
Made in Spain

Color for reference only.

BOINAS ELÓSEGUI was founded in 1858 by Antonio Elósegui in Tolosa (Gipuzkoa). At this time Elósegui made only around fifty berets a year. By 1915, Elósegui was making 3,500 berets each year and selling them across Europe and as far away as the United States, Cuba and the Philippines. Today ELÓSEGUI is one of the market leaders in berets and is the only Spanish company to make fine quality basque berets from weave to finish with the entire process carried out by hand and traditionally made in 100% merino wool. There was a time that there were many small manufacturers spread across Spain, but there is only one left: Boinas Elósegui in Tolosa, the heart of the Spanish Basque land.

西班牙百年老字號Sombrero Gorostiaga 位於 Bilbao,就是 Boina (Beret) 貝蕾帽的發跡地。

Elósegui 是西班牙數一數二的帽飾品牌,已超過160年歷史,貝蕾帽全部以100% Merino 羊毛製成,出名保暖。

註:本店所有 Boina 均購由西班牙百年老字號Sombrero Gorostiaga 訂購,並空運到港。好不容易才能集齊一套40色。希望大家珍惜這具珍藏價值的帽飾。

Boina Elósegui by Sombrero Gorostiaga (Gris 61)